Our History
2005 - 2011: Foundations of Precision
In 2005, QuickWayLogistic was founded with a clear vision: to revolutionize the logistics industry through a commitment to precision, efficiency, and customer-centricity. Within the first five years, the company experienced remarkable growth, expanding its operations by over 200% and serving a diverse clientele.
2012 - 2015: Diversification and Specialization
By 2012, QuickWayLogistic had introduced specialized logistics services, allowing the company to cater to unique shipping needs. This led to a surge in demand, resulting in a 150% increase in annual revenue. The company's expertise in handling complex cargo solidified its position as a go-to logistics provider.
2016 - 2018: Sustainable Solutions for a Changing World
Recognizing the growing importance of sustainability, QuickWayLogistic took proactive steps towards environmental responsibility. By 2018, the company had reduced its carbon emissions by an impressive 30%. This commitment to green logistics earned QuickWayLogistic recognition as an industry leader in eco-friendly transportation solutions.
2019 - Present: A Global Network of Excellence
Today, QuickWayLogistic operates on a global scale, with a network that spans continents. The company's revenue has seen consistent growth, with an average annual increase of 15%. This expansion is a testament to QuickWayLogistic's reputation for reliability and excellence in logistics.